Disposable Vacuum Bags

Model No: D-VAC-91

One of the easiest ways to increase production is to keep the dryer clean. With Daken's disposable vacuum bags, keeping the dryer clean is made easy. Our bio-degradable bags can simply be thrown away when they become full, thus ensuring the dryer can perform at optimum drying capacity.

The disposable bio-degradable vacuum bag was developed for Canadian Forest Product's Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd. at the request of the Machine Room Superintendent. He credits our bags as a significant benefit to production because it is much easier to change a full disposable bag and replace it with another than it is to empty a zipper type O.E.M. vendor supplied bag. Because it is easy to change bags, the vacuum system always works at maximum efficiency and the dryers are kept cleaner which enhances overall performance.

Changing the bag becomes a safety issue as well as a production issue. Laborers emptying zipper type bags breathe in lint and also get dust in their eyes. Laborers hate this job and avoid it. The Daken disposable bag is simply discarded without the dust hazard.

  Daken Disposable Vacuum Bags Installation Pictures