Jute Tape

Model No.: DL-JTP-41; 216-foot roll x 3-1/4” W

Daken’s jute tape roll is 3-1/4” x 216 ft long. Made from 100% jute, this tape is much cooler for operators to handle when pulling it from the dryer. Operators can maintain tension and control over the pulp tail because our jute tape does not shrink, resulting in fewer pulp tail breaks.

Daken imports a special jute tape that is superior for threading dryers with a kite. It is 100% jute and contains no plastic that is often part of O.E.M. vendor supplied tapes. Since the Daken tape contains no plastic, it is cooler to handle and has better traction on the turning rolls. Also, because of its 3 1/4” width and better traction of 100% jute on the turning roll surface the kite pulling tension is controlled to the surface speed of the turning rolls.

The use of jute tape that contains plastic can cause contamination of the pulp. Also, plastic causes the tapes to shrink in width decreasing traction on the turning rolls which in turn, causes pulp tail breaks because kite tension is not controlled.